Propagation, 2014
Book art (64 pages), video (22 min) and performance

The project has been presented twice so far, at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and at Artport TLV. During the events, Goldstein's new film and performance PROPAGATION (2014), and his newly published issue of the series THE WORLD ACCORDING TO... by THE OFFICE (2014) are set in conversation, ordering the chaotic events into parallel media and sparking new angles, realizations, and ideas.

The live presentation of the book piece is an experiment in content delivery and construction of meaning, a leading theme in the process of the book’s making and its resulting content. The performance, book and film are all variations on a specifically defined collection of information, gathered online and hinged together by meaningful and random links; all three forms express different modes of communication, and the performance aims to activate the viewer as the constructor of a “narrative” precisely through a denial of a linear, comprehensive story.

The story, as far as it may be assembled in retrospect, stumbles between events, important and quizzical, public and private, like a distracted online browser drawing connecting lines between his many random points.

The book "The World According to..#6 - Guy Goldstein, was presented in Off-print - Tate Modern, London (2015), MoMA PS1 - The NY Art Book Fair (2015), London Art book Fair (2015), Archipelago - London (2015).

Video #1:

Video #2: