Lust For Life, 2012
Performance, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The site-specific performance was commissioned for the celebration event of Time Out Tel Aviv’s 10th anniversary, which took place at the Tel Aviv museum. The event was upon invitation only, and Goldstein’s contribution aimed to connect personal histories of Tel Aviv within the then-newly opened museum wing.

The performance was staged as a funeral in which each guest contributes a personal object, and the performance is the formation of a of collective, subjective memorial. Each guest was requested to bring with him or her an object which for them was related to “Tel Aviv”, as a gesture to Time Out’s anniversary. At the entrance to the museum, these objects were collected by a procession of undertakers, who carried them to the bottom of the architectural “waterfall”, the building’s lowest level. There they were catalogued with video and stills, and an image of each of them was projected through the atrium, prior to its “burial”. A row of pedestals from the museum’s storage had been arranged on the museum’s bottom floor to resemble a blank skyline. Throughout the performance, Goldstein placed each of the objects on the pedestals according to various associations between them. After the performance ended, the objects were buried together as a time capsule and left underground for the next decade.