Watermarks, 2011
Book Art, edition of 5 copies

An art book produced in the framework of Sommer Gallery’s project space exhibition “Possibility of a Book”, curated by Leah Abir and Ran Kasmy Ilan. The exhibition was an exploration of artist books’ nature and status and aimed at creating an environment for their production and discussion.

Watermarks represents one of the first instances of what later becomes a major theme in Goldstein’s work: Sound on Paper. In this instance, the book form is a natural one for thinking about sound (a time-based occurrence) in drawing (a timeless presence): as the reader flips through the book, he or she creates a rhythm unique to their interaction with it. While this holds true of any book, Watermarks addresses it purposefully with words and images that either directly represent rhythm or intuitively imply it. These consist of a series of photographic impressions, a transcription of a drumbeat, laid out to further imply its beat, and manipulated, burnt-out photographs. Reading the book is a creative experience: in addition to the speed (rhythm) of the page turning, the reader chooses which fold-outs to open and thus how to combine image and text in one of many possible ways.