Vice Versa, 2020
Graphite and tape on Dibond, American walnut wood, metal ruler, sound

A multi-stage work moves cyclically between sound and image. An element combining sculpture and drawing, reminiscent of a tent, stands in the middle of the space, with a long metal ruler stuck at its top, balanced by a weight. The sides of the makeshift structure are covered with long strips of transparent cellophane tape to which graphite leftovers are stuck, remnants which Goldstein "sampled" from drum set cymbals on which he originally performed the drawing. In this process, the act of drawing is copied, holding the impression of the texture of the unusual surface on which it was created—delicate latitudinal lines characteristic of the cymbal's materiality. Loudspeakers fixed to the walls on either side of the aforesaid element emit sound that cuts the space, moving from side to side and sketching a cinematographic horizon for the work as a whole. It is a vague sound from which barks of dogs, approaching and subsequently fading away, arise. The work conveys a sense of tension about to snap, attesting to the unique manner in which sound constructs image.