Sixteen by Eight by Two by One, 2013
Installation and light projection (fans, cotton strings and projector), 4mx10mx4m

(a collaboration with Ariel Efron)

The sculptural installation consists of two rotating fans and a system of strings running between them and a projector. Each sculptural element relates to the others through a process of transduction, which transfers its faculties into the functionality of the other element’s operating logic. The process creates a closed circuit in which each movement and the resulting image is a result of its translation from another type of information.

As the fans rotate, the threads move regularly and their shadows are projected through them and onto the screen behind. A deep perspective is created through the strings stretched from the fans to the light source, which have an additional piece of string floating within them, which shifts its shape as its supporting threads change positions. The resulting projection is made up of sharp images near the front as well as layers of various blurriness in between. Playing with projection and the moving image, the piece presents the object and the image it creates at once: it relates to the tradition of cinema as an illusion and sets up a concrete sculptural installation between the projector and the screen, evidence of its own making, as in a photographic pictogram. Starkly lit and contrasted, the installation recalls childhood games on the one hand but also spider webs or other restricting binds. Its movement is accompanied simply by the whirring of the fans and the projection, which fade into a general white background noise.