Sound on Paper, 2011-2012
Graphite on paper, 42x60 cm each

The series is an ongoing drawing experimentation with elements, objects, structures and surfaces that hold sound-related associations. The strategy for choice and arrangement of subjects is intuitive and pedagogic: there is no cohesive narrative, but the drawings represent a process of recognizing and defining a visual language for sound-based themes such as rhythm, event, phasing, or timbre. Their subject matter thus ranges from hyper-realist representation of concrete objects to abstract arrangements on an unstable musical grid or scaffold. This combination identifies the “musical” in every object, such as the rhythm of a comb or the sound the shiny/squeaky shoes imply. This method – the examination of sound implications in the visual – is a continual interest for Goldstein, and was later applied in large-scale projects such as Sounds Like a Plan or Propagation.