Uninhabited Soundscape, 2011-2012
Graphite on paper and digital projection, 200x140

In this series, Goldstein addresses the potential of drawing, a medium that is traditionally seen as a sketch for another, more “finished” artwork. A drawing may refer to a future plan, as in a design or architectural drawing, or it may be a quick form of notation from nature, as used by painters for generations, also in preparation for future studio paintings. Goldstein’s interest in this form comes from its transitional nature: historically speaking, a method for transmitting information on form.

Can a drawing depart from this transitional nature, can it become the main attraction, even a spectacle? Uninhabited Soundscape addresses this challenge by connecting the drawings to sound, not through musical notation but through its subject matter: the images are taken from stages for mass public attractions such as rock concerts, rallies or expo shows. Goldstein collected the images during their set-up or de-installation, during which the structures are not activated. These lifeless forms are then produced as large-format drawings and exhibited with a projection pointed onto them, adding a layer of time – and therefore action – to the still image. The “event” happens upon the drawing itself: a moon moves across a billboard at night, light shines through slits in a temporary structure. The work departs from the traditions of “screen”, “sketch” and “event” and combines them in new ways: the lifeless takes on movement, transitional takes the main stage, while the projection surface holds a constant, still image.

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